If you are looking for a solid, experienced, professionally operated charter helicopter company possessing the capability and desire of getting the job accomplished safely and effectively;  you have found the Company! 

Please explore our website with a click on the links provided for your virtual tour of this interestingly unique Company.

OUR GROWING FLEET AND ENHANCED TRAINING PROGRAM! Bighorn Helicopters Inc. certified pilots, engineers, and administrative personnel are ready for operating our recently acquired TWIN ENGINE BK117 helicopter ; one more reason for flying with this solid, long term Company!

Flashy we're not... EFFECTIVE we are!

Fleet Information
The helicopter you fly in and/or lifts your cargo is an important choice when planning your project or adventure
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Charter Services
Helicopters & safety, yes we can do the job
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Helicopters are an vital tool in the sustainability of nature?s larger creatures.
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A helicopters? role in a tree?s life cycle
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Adventure & Rescue
Enjoyment and Care aid for life?s experiences.
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